Michaela & Marshall

April 23, 2019

One of my absolute favorite parts of this job is showcasing my couple’s personalities.  Engagement sessions are such a great way for me to get to know the people behind my photos and how they click, what makes them unique, and in turn, how I can capture that SPARK in a single photograph.

My job was truly made easy this blustery April Sunday.  Lucky for me, Michaela and Marshall lived minutes away from Scott County Park (one of the only places in the QC where I could find a suitable soft landscape during this particularly late-blooming Spring season!)  Minutes after setting up, Marshall was cracking jokes and making silly facial expressions to the camera, and you know what, I’M ALL FOR IT!  Typically, I am the one prompting the laughs (with my lame mom jokes) but not today!!!  He had both Michaela and I busting up almost the entire session, these two fell right into posing as their natural chemistry (again) did most the work!

45 minutes later, and a bit chilled to the bone, I asked Michaela and Marshall to do one last thing for me.  For 2 minutes, I wanted them to pretend like no one was taking their picture and do whatever came to their mind.  I knew this would be easy for Marshall as he without question immediately began chasing Michaela around.  Through the laughter and surprisingly no injuries later, we were left with a handful of raw mementos (some of the more appropriate ones you can find below). =)




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