Merve & Babar | 08.25.19

September 12, 2019

Everyone, this is my beautiful friend Merve and her husband Babar and I’m pretty excited about this post because this lady right here holds a very special place in my heart.  Merve and I met a few years back while I was still working part-time behind the Lancome counter at Von Maur.  I knew as soon as we had our first conversation that I was going to make her one of my very best friends (she had very little say in the matter, lol, although she didn’t seem to object). =)  I loved learning about her, her culture, and her perspectives. Her sweet soul combined with her silly and sassy personality were magnetizing.  She first asked me to be her maid of honor (duh) while we were wedding dress shopping together, and then confessed that she also really wanted me to be the one to take her wedding photos.  I eventually caved and agreed with the caveat that my wonderful husband and assistant would be the main photographer for her day (so I could enjoy the party, of course!).  Although, I will confess that I did steal the camera on a few occasions 😉

The week before her wedding I was honored to receive henna on my palms alongside this stunning bride.  She and her closest family and friends proceeded to teach me a few Turkish dance moves (which were later showed off at her wedding).  As the day her wedding day approached, I couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous!!  I wanted nothing more than to perfectly capture the beautiful personality of my dear friend and her amazing love and devotion to her husband.  And, sure enough, there is something special about looking back at the photos we captured on that day.  I edited each one with a big smile on my face, because to me, these photographs are more than just pictures, they are memories and feelings of friendship, family, happiness, and tradition.

Here’s to wishing Merve and Babar a lifetime of love and adventure together.



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