December 31, 2019

I don’t think it’s a secret anymore that I love photographing boudoir sessions, especially outdoor boudoir sessions, ESPECIALLY when they are a secret bridal session!!(I mean, is there a better wedding gift!?)  And now that this babe’s wedding date has passed, I get to share some highlights!

Britta’s session was scheduled back in late September and we kept the location TBD based on what the weather gave us that day.  And sure enough, we got a perfect 70 degree evening, so outside we went!!  We hiked to this amazing secluded spot right alongside the lake; a bit of sand, some long grasses and stone cliffs mixed with a soft setting sun gave us the perfect backdrop to create some photography magic. 😎✨

Britta SLAYED this session.  We tried to keep the tone of the photographs flirty and playful but this beauty basically transformed into an earthy and mystical goddess in front of my eyes.  We both had a blast working until we ran out of daylight, at which time we packed up and hiked back (in the dark!😳)  It was an amazing night AND just a few months later, it was also amazing to see and photograph Britta’s fiance’s reaction to opening these photos on their wedding day!!!

Thank you Britta for letting me share a few pics of ya gorgeous self!!!



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