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Hey everyone and welcome to the journal!  Get a glimpse of 2019's most amazing weddings and engagements, and read a bit about your's truly as well! =)


Okay, can we talk about location for a minute?  We were originally planning on downtown Iowa City for a classic, urban look to Nile and Kat’s engagement session, but, unfortunately, the weather had other plans in mind.  Rain.  We decided to try a different day and a location near their home in the Quad Cities, […]

You’ve always been a bit curious about boudoir.  You might like to look and feel like a super model for a day, give a sexy gift to your significant other, or just do something to celebrate YOU and the skin you’re in!  You think about it for a minute, then decide that there are a […]

One of my absolute favorite parts of this job is showcasing my couple’s personalities.  Engagement sessions are such a great way for me to get to know the people behind my photos and how they click, what makes them unique, and in turn, how I can capture that SPARK in a single photograph. My job […]

  When I pulled up at Bella Sala on a snowy Saturday morning and stepped out of my car, I had to catch myself as I realized the entire parking lot was literally an ice rink…  I shuffled my way inside, peaked into the reception hall and realized, this was indeed the perfect day for […]

Hey Everyone!  Here’s to 2019 and starting something new- I’m SO EXCITED to be adding a blog to my website!  This post will give y’all a sneak peak into my crazy life over this past year.  While yes, the most important part of choosing your photographer is loving and connecting with their work and style, […]

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