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Hey everyone and welcome to the journal! Read about and see the highlights from 2019 and 2020's most amazing weddings, engagements, & boudoir sessions!


I was pretty pumped for this session with Sydney, one, because I knew she was going to CRUSH it, and two, because it was my first time photographing at Company Fifteen- a beautiful, naturally lit studio located in the heart of the QC!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE shooting in my little in-home studio, […]

I’ve got a whirlwind of emotions as I try to put this day into words.  April 4th had been a long-awaited day for Sydney, Colton and their families.  As finishing touches were being made and excitement mounted, news of COVID-19 started putting fear in all of our hearts.  In the weeks leading up to their […]

Yeah, I don’t usually do family pictures… Throughout the past couple years, I’ve received a lot of questions as to why not, and to be super honest, I’ve just never felt the calling to do so since starting my photography business!  I’ve got my own crazy toddler at home and he fills up ALL of […]

I seriously cannot get enough of this incredible, snowy engagement session with Gretchen and Jake!!!  We finally got the perfect winter day with almost a foot of snow and warm enough temps to stay comfortable exploring this beautiful park for a good portion of the afternoon! And these two high school sweethearts were totally up […]

As wedding season comes to a halt during winter, boudoir season is in full swing and it is a BLAST!!!  Most of my lovely boudoir clients choose to keep their images between themselves and their significant others (understandably so!), so I am beyond excited that Jessa has agreed to let me share her session!!! She […]

Okay, seriously, how freaking cute are these two!!??  Cara and Matt said they wanted a winter-esque engagement session, and boy, I am SO glad I agreed, they were absolutely in their element!! I had so much fun trekking (and sliding!) around the lake with Cara and Matt.  Even though it was quite slick out, it […]

I don’t think it’s a secret anymore that I love photographing boudoir sessions, especially outdoor boudoir sessions, ESPECIALLY when they are a secret bridal session!!(I mean, is there a better wedding gift!?)  And now that this babe’s wedding date has passed, I get to share some highlights! Britta’s session was scheduled back in late September […]

I’ve been professionally photographing weddings for awhile now, so I really don’t get nervous behind my camera, BUT the morning before heading to Britta and Ashlee’s wedding at Koru Berry Farm, I couldn’t help but to feel butterflies.  You see, I’ve known Britta for a few years and while I don’t see her too often, […]

Last Saturday night was extraordinary and let me tell you why.  Okay, the November night we had (50+ degrees combined with a dreamy sunset) was the first reason, but the second reason resulted from a bit of an embarrassing moment on my end!  About 5 minutes into shooting this engagement session I realized I had […]

I’m sitting here thinking of how to describe this day, and one word comes to mind: legendary.  Everything from the couple, to the dress, the venue, the insanely windy weather, the reception’s dance party, AND setting my own personal movement record (according to my apple watch…!🥳) After Kendra and Clint finished getting ready, we met […]

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