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Hey everyone and welcome to the journal! Read about and see the highlights from 2019's most amazing weddings, engagements, & boudoir sessions!


I’ve been professionally photographing weddings for awhile now, so I really don’t get nervous behind my camera, BUT the morning before heading to Britta and Ashlee’s wedding at Koru Berry Farm, I couldn’t help but to feel butterflies.  You see, I’ve known Britta for a few years and while I don’t see her too often, […]

Last Saturday night was extraordinary and let me tell you why.  Okay, the November night we had (50+ degrees combined with a dreamy sunset) was the first reason, but the second reason resulted from a bit of an embarrassing moment on my end!  About 5 minutes into shooting this engagement session I realized I had […]

I’m sitting here thinking of how to describe this day, and one word comes to mind: legendary.  Everything from the couple, to the dress, the venue, the insanely windy weather, the reception’s dance party, AND setting my own personal movement record (according to my apple watch…!🥳) After Kendra and Clint finished getting ready, we met […]

One of the funnest parts of my job is finding beautiful and unique locations for my amazing couple’s engagement sessions.  These two cuties wanted fall color… and I intended on delivering!!😂🍁 I decided to take them for a stroll through the GORGEOUS foliage all alongside Coralville lake.   This trail had some truly photogenic spots around […]

Alyssa and Ryan had a rainy day for their wedding celebration earlier this month, BUT that wasn’t dampening anyones spirits (pun intended😁)!  They had the perfect venue at The Hotel at Kirkwood Center; beautifully decorated rooms were around every corner of this hotel, with giant windows letting in the perfect amount of natural light letting […]

The day before my engagement session with Salina and David, my pups and I went out for a hike around our favorite lake in hopes to uncover the perfect spot for this woodsy shoot.  It had been a bit of a rough fall season, rescheduling sessions because of rain,  dodging countless storms at weddings, and […]

You could say I was a little bit excited when Elyse and AJ asked me to shoot their engagement session on their family farm.  Typically I choose the location, so getting to be creative in a new place is pretty awesome, PLUS I get to capture some new memories at a place that is already […]

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck.  Although, some might think differently, especially if you’re having an outside ceremony (or if you’re the photographer…)!  As I drove out to the Old Fifty Six Barn that morning, I couldn’t help but wonder why there were ominous looking clouds about as there hadn’t been […]

Everyone, this is my beautiful friend Merve and her husband Babar and I’m pretty excited about this post because this lady right here holds a very special place in my heart.  Merve and I met a few years back while I was still working part-time behind the Lancome counter at Von Maur.  I knew as […]

Well, I’m officially living the dream…  A few months ago Hopes Bridal and I planned to team up and organize a styled shoot; we had BIG dreams, I’m talking working with venues and vendors, florists, designers, models, the whole 9 yards and create wedding day magic.  I played around with the idea and realized I […]

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